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If you know this little boy, you know you better be wearing tennis shoes if your going to photograph him.  He is about the cutest/ busiest little man I have ever met in my life.  I adore this sweet family and feel very lucky to be able to do their pictures year after year!!  Thanks y’all!!!

This new little guy was simply perfect.  Once we got him all wrapped up, he pretty much never make another peep the entire morning.  Big sister was so amazing with him too, love watching all the cute kisses she gave him!  

It was not that long ago this sweet couple celebrated their wedding day at the Figure 8 Island Yacht Club.  In just a few very short years we were all back at the club taking pictures of their precious twins.  We had so much fun chasing after these two, or at least I did :)) 

We had to battle some obstacles on this day, but I think it just made for an even better photo shoot.  You know I always love being with y’all and a big thank you for trusting me with these pictures :))

What is cuter than a sweet little girl and her dog???  Not much!!  Seriously adore this family and loved spending the afternoon with them at the horse farm!!