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We had LOTS of fun the other night playing around on the beach!  Love the giggle fest we had multiple times!!  I need to start taking live video so y’all can see just how much fun we have!!

It was so much fun running around Landfall Temple Gardens with these two kiddos.  I love that little sister got to wear her mother’s dress, it was just perfect on her.  Thank you for asking me to take these sweet pictures for you, I loved it!!

This family is the greatest!!  Love being able to see these sweet girls year after year!!  I just loved the downtown seen for them and when we had a night cap at the ice cream shop it just made an already great session even better.  Thank you for trusting me year after year with your family pictures. 

Loved getting to know this sweet family and their adorable little girls.  Big sister is already so amazing with her little sis, it’s so cute to watch them together.  Thank you for inviting me in to your beautiful home to capture these precious memories for you!

I am in LOVE with this session.  I love the colors, I love the leaves and most of all I love the family!  This was a dreary/ foggy day with some obstacles, but ended up being just perfect.  All the fall colors are to die for and the sweet smiles just made it that much better.