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Summer after summer I am lucky enough to be able to do pictures for this really awesome family.  When we first met years ago, there was only one kiddo and now there are two that have been busy growing way too fast.  Thank you for always trusting me with your vacation pictures, you are one of the highlights of my summer!

One of the best parts of summer is spending beach time with the family.  Watching this family have so much fun together was really awesome.  I kind of wanted to get in the car with them and head back to Topsail Island and join them on their beach week.  I hope to see y’all again next year. 

It was hot and it was humid but we all pulled through and came out on the other side with one really really cute photo shoot.  Thank you all for being patient and hanging in there even when you thought you might melt. 

This family was such a special treat for me, they were so easy and fun to photograph .  Being an only child has some major advantages and this little boy is enjoying every single one with his adoring parents.  I hope the remainder of your vacation was as fun as this evening. 

This was one of those nights on Figure 8 Island that you just don’t forget.  Everything was just perfect.   The sunset was amazing, the family was so much fun and the babies were precious!  Thank you for asking me to capture these moments for your family.